Monday, 18 July 2011

Sick of this weather!!!!

Heyy guys!
Can't belive my summer holidays are being ruined by this rain! It feels like winter! Its amazing how the weather changes everyones moods... yesterday i went into town shopping for summer holidays clothes but barely bought anything because i was soaked and just couldnt even imagine buying anything floral or summery simply because of the weather! I did she a crazy guy wearing flip-flops on my train before he must have forgot to check the weather before he left the house!
Anyway moan over with! i can't wait to start packing for my holiday and i will definatly be blogging some of the things i am packing!
This entry is more of a moan than a post  sorry guys! Feel better sharing my opinions on this!
Going to attempt to cook tea for my family tonight! Wish me luck! haha!

Lucy allways cheers me up! Floral blouse and spotted bow headband both from

ohhh and guys........ also wondered if you could help me and my bad biting my nails habit! currently got a nail which i consider pretttty long hoping it wont snap or i wont accidentally bite it! Any tips for growing nails would be very appreciated!!!
Soooo proud of my one nail thought i would share a quick webcam piccy of it! haha!

Sophie-Kate xoxo

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A summer day.. in england!

This is my dog lucy! She is the cutest thing everr! i just had to pop these pictures on from today to share with you guys! Shes such a little poser!
I have had quite a productive day.. considering its the summer holidays and managed to get myself out of bed! I went to Zumba at my local gym! I suggest for you to try it great way to get in shape, but all in all a laugh i highly reccomend trying it!
i have been trying out lots of new ways to wear my hair extentions recently!
i basically used my babylis waving wand and andrew collinge hair straighteners to create this look!
i wanted to create a kind of 'celb' wavy hair!
i  will be doing a tutorial on this look ASAP!... when i get the time!
I create my look on a student budget with a part time job soo anyone like me on a restricted budget get following people!
Sophie-Kate xoxo

Friday, 8 July 2011

Hairstyles for summer! ...

Simple Up-do's for summer!
Heyyy you guys!
You can so tell its summer holidays or this late night publishing of mine mental!
I can't live without my clip in hairextentions basically and recently i have been trying out a few new hair styles with them!
the first is just a basic pony! The other is a funky up-do which is quick and easy to do but has a sophisticated edge too it! The last is my favorite summer wavy side pony"
If you want me to do a tutorial on how i achieved any of these looks let me know!
Comment me, or email me on
Love you guys
Sophie-Kate xoxo

My recent SUMMER purchases!!

Well hellooo summer holidays.....!
i have been going a bit crazyy shopping recently! A girl can never have too many clothes though! i have been preparing myself for my holiday to Malia Crete in august so excited!  i am loving floral crop tops at the moment the one in the first picture is from h&m and matches perfectly with the brown hotpant shorts in the last picture.  The second top is also a floral crop top i love the bright colour which looks  great with a tan it is from Newlook which look great with highwaisted short or also the brown hotpant shorts! i picked up a right good bargin from Primark which is  the dress in the next picture which i thought would be perfect to wear in the day on holiday to the beach or by the pool its also floral! 
Next are my new obession with summery hotpant shorts! My most recent ones are in the picture the first are from Miss Selfridge which are higwaisted denim petite, which means they fit little me perfectly! They also go with so many things so im sure i will get plently of wear out of them! The brown hotpant shorts are from which i love! They are a summer must have and will look perfect with a nice crop top!

Sophie-Kate xoxo

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Make-Up Essentials!...

Thought i would let you in on my favorite make-up essentials!
I use these everyday really! i tend to combine 2 foundations either the revlon photo ready with the dream matt mouse or maybeline 24 hour stay with dream matt mouse i find it stays on much longer this way!
I like using natural eyeshadow (browns and beiges) for everyday which stays on with my benefit lemon aid eye primer!
loving the benifit powder range at the moment and find the powder pop is perfect to carry round in my bag as it is combination of blusher and bronzer!
My mascara is quite new and i have to say im really impressed it makes my lashes really nice and long its the maybeline 'the falsies volume express black drama' mascara!
If you have any questions feel free to ask and i will get back to you!
Love Sophie-Kate xoxo

Sorry about my lack of blogs!

Yes i have been a right lousy blogger lately, im sorry guys! But i pinky swear i will be getting myself  blogging again! lifes been hectic with college and exams but hey now its SUMMER i will be getting myself back to the blog!
Love Sophie-Kate xoxo

Monday, 23 May 2011

Just starting out...

Basically being new to this whole blog thing I'm trying my best to find out how it works!
If you want me to follow your blog just ask. I will do my best to work out how to follow you! ha ha!  Anyhow the purpose of this blog is if you share a keen interest in hair, make-up and the latest fashions like me i will try offer tips and reviews on certain products and hopefully you can offer me a few!  I will be reviewing very soon some of my favorite sites: ( and make up and hair products and uploading some hair and makeup tutorials! As exciting as this is i wont get anywheree without followers!
Sooo...all i need now is some actual followers!
Love Sophie-Kate xoxo