Monday, 18 July 2011

Sick of this weather!!!!

Heyy guys!
Can't belive my summer holidays are being ruined by this rain! It feels like winter! Its amazing how the weather changes everyones moods... yesterday i went into town shopping for summer holidays clothes but barely bought anything because i was soaked and just couldnt even imagine buying anything floral or summery simply because of the weather! I did she a crazy guy wearing flip-flops on my train before he must have forgot to check the weather before he left the house!
Anyway moan over with! i can't wait to start packing for my holiday and i will definatly be blogging some of the things i am packing!
This entry is more of a moan than a post  sorry guys! Feel better sharing my opinions on this!
Going to attempt to cook tea for my family tonight! Wish me luck! haha!

Lucy allways cheers me up! Floral blouse and spotted bow headband both from

ohhh and guys........ also wondered if you could help me and my bad biting my nails habit! currently got a nail which i consider pretttty long hoping it wont snap or i wont accidentally bite it! Any tips for growing nails would be very appreciated!!!
Soooo proud of my one nail thought i would share a quick webcam piccy of it! haha!

Sophie-Kate xoxo

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