Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sorry about the lack of postingg! Little update!

Last time i posted it was the start of summer and its now over! Went so fast! I had an A-MAzing summer! i hope you all did too!
I went to malia in crete which was mental i reccomend that everyone goes there at least once in there life haha!


Seriously guys so much i booked to go again this summer! If you like to party its the place to go!
Any way its winter now so cold im not coping well!
Got the winter woolies out!
My christmas was so good this year

Body suit from miss selfridge
And so was my new year :
Skirt in the xmas sales River island
Me and my friend and sister dressed as a christmas pud!
However i'm:

Not enjoying the new year so far, would like to thank my college for giving us exams in january how kind! The only thing thats getting me through is the thought of how amazing summer 2012 is going to be!
I Hope your all well & good!
Sophie-Kate xoxox

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